July 30, 2010

Lake of the Ozarks Wedding Details in Clover and Pink. Part 2.

Seeing a bride's vision come to fruition is totally awesome. What I do is usually just a smidgen of the work and details a family does to bring everything together. And the details really make a big difference. You can see other details of Brent and Michala's wedding here and here. Michala put so much work into this wedding and it paid off! Everything from the favors (cookies and coozies) to the decor, food and music.

2.5" circle favor/cookie labels
Favors: Coozies

The Parasol Room at Tan-Tar-A resort was (IMO) a perfect reception room. Large windows opened to mile-long views of the Lake of the Ozarks. The inside of this room is supposed to look like the mechanics of an umbrella - and that theme was carried out in the reception decor. I love the DIY a-la-Martha Stewart poms, lanterns and parasols hanging from the ceiling of this room.

Parasol Room - Tan-Tar-A Resort
Martha Stewart Poms and Lanterns

Each table had wine with custom labels and donation cards for the American Cancer Society as a respectful way to honor family members.

Donation Cards
Wedding Reception Wine Labels

Michala made the centerpieces - having family members save any glass jars. She wrapped them with wire and strung pink and green jewels from the neck of the jar, filled them with sand and used a battery operated candle. So cute! This guest book idea deserves its own post when it is finished. The couple had guests sign quilt squares as their guest book. The squares will be sewn together later for the couple to use in their home. Such a great idea.

Guest Book Card: Quilt Squares
Memorial Card and Flowers

And I just had to show this picture - from the gorgeous weather at the ceremony to this!

This is the same window - can you believe it? Outdoor weddings make me so nervous!

July 28, 2010

We've Moved: Housewarming Invitations.

I've had this idea in my head since before we even knew we were moving. We love throwing parties - usually it's pretty low key - but this one deserved it's own - real - in person - invitation. I'll let the images speak for themselves - check them out below!

Our little guy - Coco - He loves to party!

I should also mention that my inspiration came from this idea I found through Google Images.

July 26, 2010

Lake of the Ozarks Wedding Details in Clover and Pink. Part 1.

Brent and Michala were married at the Tan-Tar-A Resort in an outdoor ceremony. It couldn't have been a more sunny and clear afternoon for such an occasion. The Windgate Balcony at Tan-Tar-A overlooks the Lake of the Ozarks and all the rolling hills of Missouri. An aisle runner with the couple's logo (from their pocket invitations) lined the path of the balcony with green parasol's for guests to use to shade themselves, and fan programs were the perfect touch for a self propelled breeze. Brent and Michala felt strongly about confessing their love to each other by writing their own vows, and they really choked all of us up reading their vows to each other! It was truly from the heart, and it is such a blessing to see two deserving people find their soul mate.

July 24, 2010

Congratulations Brent + Michala!

Brent and Michala are getting married today! About right now we are all probably playing in the Lake of the Ozarks on jet ski's before the evening ceremony. Can't wait to share Michala's wedding details with you next week!

July 23, 2010

Sneak Peak: Damask Pocket Fold.

There is a lot of Damask around the workroom right now. It's a very traditional and popular choice with brides right now. Here's a sneak peak at these absolutely breathtaking pocket folds for Ashley and Nathan.
Black | Pink | White
Pocket Fold Wedding Invitation

July 21, 2010

Shower Invite: Fiesta Time.

Love this colorful couples shower invitation for a stock the bar party - Mexican style. I am sure there was a lot a cuervo at this shin-dig.

Robin is a dear friend and sorority sister of mine - getting married at the end of the this month. Best wishes to them!

July 19, 2010

New House. New Office and Workspace.

We are FINALLY settled in to the new house which means I am FINALLY settled in to my new office. My old space was a small antique library desk – the size of a postage stamp. I was really hoping for a new house with enough bedrooms to use one as a true office and workspace. 

So, without further adieu, here is the new workspace for ALSD. I still have a lot to do, but I am super proud of my handy work. I built this all by myself! You can see where I got the idea... from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love who also got this idea from another fav blog of mine, Tart House.

The square bookcases are from Target - actually listed online for more than they are in the store. The table tops are flat panel doors which I painted white. I secured everything with 2x4's in the wall (which you can see a bit of on the far right of the desk). Chair is from Ikea. I am still working on cable management and the best layout, but so far I am very pleased with the set up. This paint is Behr's Pale Lemon - the perfect and perky shade for an office.

I also have some fun coming your way for the meeting room downstairs - yard sale furniture - and it's awesome. All I need is for my chair cover to be ready, and I can do the big reveal!

July 16, 2010

Sneak Peak: Clover and Pink Fan Programs.

We're at 8 days and counting! Here's a sneak peak at the programs for Brent and Michala's big day.

Clover | Pink
Fan Ceremony Program

I'm Baaaaack.

I'm finally back in action after needing to take a few unexpected days off. Unfortunately, it was about the time I needed to fill up the blog cache again. Thank you to those of you who had my family in their thoughts and prayers during a difficult time. Now...off to start my posts for the next couple of weeks!

July 7, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to Me.

This blog is just one today, but looking back over the year at what has been accomplished - in paper details, in food, in decorating my old house and starting all over at a new one, I am proud of myself.  I never thought that I'd actually keep this up like I have. Never the [conscious] intention, this little blog has turned into a real passion for me and has really launched the entrepreneur side of myself into high gear. The best part about that is that I have gotten to work with old friends and made new friends along the way, falling in love with the creations we have come up with together, and making the big events in their lives a little more special. I really do love this little part of my life. What a blessing! Here's to many more blogging years and paper details...Happy Blog-iversay to me!

P.S. In honor of my 1 year Blog-iversary, I created a Facebook Fan page...check it out! 

July 6, 2010

New Address Stamp.

When I got back in town from a weekend trip, this was waiting on me! A custom address stamp from Primele. And what cute packaging. Natural and a little prissy at the same time. They also offer hand lettered calligraphy for your wedding invites to add something special. Super excited to use this on our house warming invitations next month.

July 1, 2010

Contingency Wedding Ceremony Decor for Under $500.

The call came Monday morning. We're implementing the contingency plan, and we need the decorate the breezeway. It had been a 100 degree heat index for the past week with afternoon thunderstorms every day right around ceremony time. It was a good decision, but there was no need for any real decorations if the ceremony were held outside. All we needed was mother nature out there. Expecting the worst, since I had not laid eyes this breezeway in person, I started brainstorming, going off of this picture. Not real appealing with all the golf carts, right? BTW, this is Rock Creek Golf Club in Fairhope, Alabama.

The Knot has great photo galleries. Fabulous for inspiration. I came across this picture, and it was perfect.

I called Miller's Grand Events in Daphne, Alabama to find out what sort of "altar" they would have available 4 days in advance. The Colonnade (below) is what we got. For only $150 - not a bad price.

Not only did we reserve the Colonnade, we reserved twelve 9" cylinder vases ($3 each) and 2 black candelabras ($35 each). We were also concerned about the flooring - it's black and rubbery, sticks to fabric (e.g. wedding gowns) and rubs off black onto everything. Without time to order an aisle runner online...one without a pattern...I grabbed one from Hobby Lobby for $35 along with:
  • 22 6" white pillar candles ($9 for two)
  • hot pink sand ($12)...yes, they make hot pink sand
  • a large paper S ($8)
  • black chiffon for draping ($75)
 The grand total was $485. And for 4 days notice, I think it looked pretty awesome.

It was a beautiful wedding and the custom aisle runner really set everything off right. The flowers were left over from the rehearsal dinner the night before - also stunning from Southern Veranda. And aren't we glad we were inside, because it started raining right before the ceremony. Rock Creek asked a photographer to come in and take pictures before the ceremony to use on their marketing materials and website...they said it was the prettiest wedding they have ever had. And that says a lot because it was in the breezeway, instead of their beautiful and landscaped fairway. Excited to know that something we pulled off in 4 days turned out that well!

The inside of Rock Creek was set up with 7 rounds, black table clothes, with damask runners (courtesy of the MOG) and hot pink Gerber daisies. More pictures to come when the fabulous photog [Pleasantries Photography] gets everything edited.