July 21, 2009

Get your programs

I get really excited to work on projects for close friends and this program is for 2 of my favorite people! Kris and Danielle are MEANT for each other. Can't wait to see them get married this October! We've all ready started on programs for their big day and we have a few more projects in the works...more to come on that later! This is a sneak peak at what we have come up with for her programs. Her colors are chocolate, creme brulee and burnt sienna - perfect for a fall wedding. We created thes programs to match her invitations.

July 16, 2009

Babies Babies Everywhere!

I am finally hitting that age where all of my friends are married and starting their families. There are babies everywhere! I just found out that some friends are expecting their second. Here's a little inspiration to those who are in the same position I am in...handmade cards for your friends' new delivery.

July 12, 2009

An Apple a Day

As a Marketing Director, I frequently get tasked to take on a fun project (as opposed to the not so fun ones). Since we are a health-based company, we can't just send candy or chocolates. So, a few weeks ago a created an apple basket for our sales team to send to potential clients. It got great responses!

July 8, 2009

Chartreuse + Plum Spring Wedding Details

Monograms are H-O-T and it's a great way to personalize (obviously!) your wedding details. It can go on just about anything... programs, favors, cake, wine labels, isle runner, guest book...you can even put it in lights! A little tip... choose a script font from your monogram and then a plain font to accent with. It helps balance things out and create cohesive design.

Wedding Day Schedules

"What a great idea!", I thought... I found this inspiration on theknot.com and decided to try to make one myself. All it took was a plan and a little work on the computer. I made one for each member or group of the wedding party, so mom's, dad's, maids and the guys all know what was going on...no excuses.

July 7, 2009

The Bachelorette Soiree

My best friend got married last Spring, and I was so excited to find out that she wanted me to plan the Bachelorette Party! Little did I know, she and a close childhood friend wanted a double bachelorette -- whew! 2 Brides??? Getting right to work, we started to plan the weekend. Here are a few tips for you (or those Maid of Honor's...) when planning your final girl's outing of single life.

1) Make sure to take the Bride's wishes into consideration when planning...but also make sure she has her head in the right place. :) Many bride's have lofty ideas of what they want to do for their Bachlorette Party. A few that came up for us - Disney World, Vegas, Destin and the list goes on... Many of our friends are single ladies just beginning their careers and still tight in the pocket book, so we decided that we could still have fun somewhere not so lavish. Nashville was our choice: within a 3 hour drive and a friend with a house as homebase.

2) You don't have to party all night! How about a pizza party in the hotel room the first night? Or movie night? Game night? We had the most fun the first night in Nashville - we each ordered our favorite personal pizza's and hung out in the hotel playing silly games. It was nice to catch up with each other. After a few phone calls about noise from the front desk, we woke up Saturday morning feeling refreshed.

3) Find something fun and touristy to do as a group. It sounds corny, but when else are you going to do that stuff as a group? We found a comedic tour of Nashville -- check out www.nashtrash.com -- and it started our day off great.

4) Every bride has a right of passage...but that doesn't mean tacky and vulgar flair. If she is up for it, I say go for it! but you can still dress them up without making them such for a buck. Keep it classy ladies...your mom will want to see the pictures, right?

5) Have a theme -- we were in Nashville, so I themed the invitations and made sure we hit up the Honky Tonks. Beach themes, spa days...endless possibilities.

6) Get crafty! I made sure that each girl had something special... making coozies and stickers for each girl to use on our night out. Each was given a task to dare the bride(s) to do something.

6) Lastly...have fun, don't over plan, and keep it easy for all of your friends to attend. It's a night to remember (or not!) but keep in mind -- what goes around, comes around...

An Unexpected Detail

It's true what they say -- it's all in the details! Brides are always looking for ways to make their wedding stand out - and they should! Your wedding day will be one of the most exciting days of your life -- a way for you and your future hubby to express your taste, style and personalities. Using simple little details will add to your wedding's personality. An easy way to add an unexpected detail to your reception is by using personalized wine labels. Wine bottles with your monogram, pictures of you or your favorite places -- just about anything you can think of -- the possibilities are endless!!! Switch it up for even more of a surprise. Happy planning!