June 14, 2011

Co-Ed Wedding Shower: Vintage BBQ

Mae Beth & Allen's shower was this past weekend at Jim & Nick's in Birmingham. The 5 Points location has a great room for parties - also great for rehearsal dinners. I kept it simple using centerpieces down each long table. 

Using chalkboard paint, after scraping the labels off about 15 wine bottles (!), the bottles got a nice matte black coat of paint. I then applied cut out letters that included conversation starters for the tables. This one says Superior Grill, the couples favorite, low-key, restaurant. Also used were childhood nicknames, first pet names, where he proposed, first date location, etc.

I loved these little $1 frames from Michael's, customized with a little note "Love is sweet like BBQ". Everything sat on a 12" square piece of burlap. 

These galvanized pails are from IKEA. $.79 each. Customized labels matched the invitations. The flowers were from Import Flowers off Murphy Rd in Nashville. If you haven't been there, you have to go for your next event.

I also made gourmet s'mores for dessert! YUM. I'll share the recipe later this week.

Everyone had a blast. An easy, no set up, no cooking, no clean up shower is always the best. And the couple got some LOOT - I mean the gifts were insanely good, plus the bride has impeccable taste. I'm so looking forward to their wedding in October. 

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